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I Love the ’90s Concert Tour

Lace up your high-tops and adjust your scrunchie, because the I Love the ’90s tour is hitting Vegas.

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I Love the ’90s description
“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Nintendo 64, Beanie Babies… we’re totally having a ‘90s flashback right now. Which reminds us, like duh, we’re going to be at the “I Love the ‘90s” concert when it like, rolls into Vegas. You aren’t the only ones who are happy about that fad going out of style.

The ‘90s were the bomb, right? The shows were freakin’ amazing, the fashion was on point and the music was too legit to quit. You know what we’re sayin’? That’s why it’s going to be so sick to see TLC, Naughty By Nature, Biz Markie, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray and Montell Jordan all rock the same stage. These are some of the biggest stars from the era and since we totally couldn’t afford tickets to see them then, you gotta make it count now that they’re here! And why would you not? These are some of the biggest stars of all time (and let’s be real, we all know the ‘90s is the only decade that matters).

Since we have all of these things in common, maybe you can bring your friends, we can bring our friends and maybe we can be friends?