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Jim Belushi Stand Up Comedy

Jim Bulishi is rallying up his troupe of comedians and coming to Vegas to show us a good time.

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Remember your one friend’s dad that you thought was sooo cool and sometimes you wished he was yours? (sorry dad we still love you). Well, that person is Jim Belushi and he’s coming to Vegas to show us some family love.

The guy wasn’t always one of America’s favorite dads though, he had to earn the title. He started out his career by making a name for himself in the Second City Comedy troupe. Then Saturday Night Live picked him up for two seasons and his talent truly shined. ABC loved him so much on the show, they gave him his own show “According to Jim” and that is when he became good ol’ pops. Sorry Tim the Tool Man Taylor, Jim gets the Dad of the Year Trophy this time. But wait, there’s more. Besides his own sitcom, Belushi starred in cartoons every ‘90s kid loved like “Rugrats,” “Pinky and the Brain,” “Hey Arnold” and even “The Mighty Ducks.”

Now the comedian is calling up his old buddies from the Second City days and going on tour to spend time with us, his family. Not only will you get Jim, but he’s also bringing along Larry Joe Campbell, Megan Grano and Joshua Funk.

It’s time go home (aka to Vegas) and spend time with pops and his gang as they hit the Vegas stage for a night of great stories and even better jokes.

David Goldrake Imaginarium

David Goldrake – Imaginarium is here to send you on one wild trip in Vegas.

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David Goldrake – Imaginarium description

There’s more than one substance that can take you on a magical journey. For those who’ve grown out of that phase in their lives, David Goldrake’s – Imaginarium will give you all of the effects of those recreational activities without the risk of jail time.

Representing a new generation of Illusionists, Goldrake’s interactive show takes classic tricks and mixes them together in his wizard’s cauldron, casting you into a dreamlike fantasy – this cauldron may or may not be real, but it sounded cool. Now, we understand you might be skeptical (we were too at first), but now we’re full on believers. We’ve even contemplated starting a fan club. There’s no abracadabra or alakazam for this one, just mentalism, escapology and grand illusions.

And if you’re the type of person who needs his list of fancy schmancy awards, we’ve got those ready too. He’s won the Mandrak d’Or Award (which is basically the Oscars of the magic bizz), The Merlin Award, and  was named the Best Illusionist in Europe for 2015 by the International Society of Magicians.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to go back to the dream world. If you don’t want to join Goldrake and the gang, suit yourself – just know, you’re missing out.