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Uncle Kracker in Concert

Matthew Shafer, better known as Uncle Kracker, takes rock, country and rap to another level by blending all of the genres together.

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We all have that fun uncle that showers us with gifts and takes us places our parents wouldn’t allow. Sorry, drunk uncle, fun uncle is totes better. And so when we heard the most famous uncle, Uncle Kracker was coming to Las Vegas, we jumped for joy and wrote a list of things we want to do with him.

Uncle Kracker, or Matthew Shafer, started his music career in 1994 as a turntablist for Kid Rock. After becoming buddy-buddy with the famous musician, Kracker was able to start the party with his own solo career. He released his first album “Double Wide” in 2000 and soon after, it was certified double-platinum. Uncle Kracker has produced hits like, “Follow Me,” “Drift Away” and “Smile.”

Time to hang out with Uncle Kracker and tackle that bucket list when he comes to Vegas. Hopefully he’ll take us to that rated R movie we’ve been dying to see, we obviously still need adult supervision.