Fountains at Caesars Palace

Fountains at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Since 1962, the Fountains at Caesars Palace have adorned the “front yard” of the Roman-themed Caesars Palace. While many other famous Las Vegas hotels have fallen to clear the way for newer concepts – Caesars has stood the test of time, and endured as probably Las Vegas’ greatest testament to the dreams of its early visionaries. In this case, the legendary Jay Sarno.

In 1967 the Fountains were the object of nation-wide spectacle when Evil Knievel attempted to jump them with his motorcycle. The stunt failed. Knievel incurred a crushed pelvis and femur, fractures to his hip, wrist and both ankles, and a concussion that kept him in a coma for 29 days.

More than two decades later, in 1989, his son Robby Knievel successfully cleared the now-famed Fountains at Caesars on a considerably superior motorcycle – again to the delight of a national audience!

The Fountains at Caesars are a delight to visit day or night. There are many elegant flower gardens surrounding the fountains, as well as benches to sit on while you enjoy this (oddly) serene place on the Las Vegas Strip.

Caesars Palace
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