offers dozens of great Las Vegas auctions on eBay. All items are valid and redeemable within the stated period. Please read and abide by any restrictions specified on a particular auction. There is no Nevada residency requirement on any auctions, and no additional purchase is ever required to fully utilize an auction item. Unless priority mail is purchased, items are sent Worldwide via first-class U.S. mail. Priority mail is only available in the U.S. Shipping and handling fees will be combined on multiple items won and paid for on the same day. Please allow up to 7 business days shipping time (3-4 for priority mail).


Q. Do you have to be a Las Vegas local to use these offers?

No. There is not a local residency requirement for any auction item or offer.

Q. Are any of your items available for purchase off-auction?

No, our items are sold on auction only.

Q. Is there any additional purchase required to use this item?

With the exception of optional gratuities, there is never any additional cost to fully utilize items sold by There is also never a timeshare presentation or any other commitment of this kind required. When services are rendered where a tip would be appropriate (waiter, tour guide, showroom usher, etc.), we hope that you will be generous enough to provide a gratuity that is proportionate with the level of service that you receive.

Q. Do you offer buy-it-now for any items?


Q. I need more of the item that I’m bidding on. Can you sell me them off auction?

No, but in many cases there are two auctions of the same item running at one time (with different ending dates).

Q. How do I know that I will be able to use my item on the date that I want to?

It is your responsibility to verify availability prior to bidding. Each auction item listing provides the phone number of the business where the item will be redeemed.

Q. I am coming after the date that this item expires. Will you be offering more?

In most cases, yes. Please check back closer to your travel dates, keeping in mind that you will need to bid on an auction that will close in time to have the item sent to you.

Q. I accidentally bid more than I intended to. Will you cancel my bid for me?

It is your responsibility to cancel your own bid. You only need to do this if you are currently the high bidder.

Q. Do I have to use all of the hotel/restaurant gift certificate at once, or can I split it up for separate visits?

Most gift certificates and other items must be used completely at one time. In the example of a 2 night hotel stay, it would be good for 1 room for 2 consecutive nights, not 2 rooms for 1 night or 1 room for 2 non-consecutive nights.


Q. How much is shipping within the U.S.? Standard mail shipping & handling is just $1.99 for domestic mail.

Q. How soon do you ship?

Items are mailed within 24 hours of confirmed payment. If you pay by check or Paypal eCheck, your item will be mailed as soon as the payment has cleared (usually 5-7 business days after deposit).

Q. Can I have the item mailed to my hotel or other Las Vegas address?

If time allows, we can mail your item to your hotel or other address in Las Vegas. Mail in Las Vegas often only takes 2 days, but it can take longer.

If you want us to mail your item to your hotel, when paying PLEASE provide the address and name under which the reservation was made. We only accept PayPal payments in these cases, and no eChecks (which take 5-7 business days to clear). The shipping and handling charge is the same, just $1.99.

It is very important that you please also verify your information with your hotel, and make sure that the name of the person to which the item is being sent is listed and correctly spelled on the hotel registration.

Q. Can I pick up my item in Las Vegas?

No. Items must be mailed. Under special circumstances, and with advanced notice only, a courier can be arranged to deliver your item to you for a $25.00 fee.

Q. What is postage to another country and how long does it take?

Postage to country’s outside of the US is just $2.99 USD. Only standard International mail is available due to extensive customs forms required for priority mail. Shipping times are as follows:

Canada & Mexico: up to 12 days
All other International: up to 14 days

Q. I am bidding on multiple items, do you offer combined shipping?

A combined shipping/handling discount is available for all items won and paid for on the same day. The total will be the same as if you only purchased one item. If the total does not adjust automatically, please reduce it in “seller discounts”.

Q. Do you offer next day or priority delivery?

We do not offer next day delivery of any items. We do offer priority shipping for $9.00. Please allow 24 hours handling time in addition to the post office’s 2-3 day delivery estimate.


Q. I need an odd number of tickets, can you sell me 3 (5,7, etc)?

No. Tickets (and some other items) are only sold in pairs. You can purchase additional tickets at the box office and still sit together though.

Q. What type of seats are the tickets for?

Unless otherwise specified, all show and event tickets are general admission.

Q. How soon can I pick up my show tickets? Can I make a phone reservation?

Most of the show tickets must be picked up at the box office no earlier than the day of your show. Please check with the particular box office to see what time it opens. It is suggested that you pick up your tickets at least one hour prior to show time. In general, telephone reservations cannot be made.

Thank you for your question about auction items. If your question was not answered here, please send an email to

Warmly yours,

Tom Wilkinson