Hoover Dam

Free Hoover Dam Tour Las Vegas Boulder City One of the most magnificent engineering wonders you’ll ever witness, the Hoover Dam is a sight to behold.

Built during the depression in the 1930s, the project attracted 1,000s of workers to the area, vitalizing the economy (especially when it came to whiskey and gambling).

The dam, which is located on the Colorado River in Boulder City 30 minutes away from Las Vegas, created Lake Mead, which is the largest man-made lake in the Country. Enough concrete was used to build Hoover Dam to pave a 2-lane highway from San Francisco to New York City.

Free self-guided walking tours of the dam are allowed, and there is no charge for parking on the Arizona side of the Dam. Take your camera, and plenty of water if going during the summer months (temperatures frequently reach 105- 115 degrees).

Driving directions from Las Vegas:

Take US 93 South toward Boulder City. Once there you will have two ways to get to the Dam. For the quickest route, at Buchanan Blvd. stay on US 93 (to the left) and follow the signs to Hoover Dam. If you want to see historic downtown Boulder City (a great place to grab a bite and peruse a variety of cool shops), go straight onto Nevada Way and follow the signs to go through town.

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