Las Vegas Recycling Centers

Below are links to good resources to help you find Recycling Centers in the Las Vegas area. The Interactive Recycling Map shows where you can take various types of recycling materials. The A to Z Guide on “How to Recycle Anything” is a good resource to help you identify what can get tossed (and where) and what can’t – you might be surprised at how many things can be recycled! Finally, if you are a resident of Clark County then your garbage and recycling is handled by Republic Services of Nevada. The link to Republic shows you what can be left out for recycling curbside at your home or business, and where/how to dispose of other materials.

Click Here for an interactive map showing recycling centers by type of waste and your location.
How to Recycle Anything – an A to Z Guide
Republic Services Recycling – Acceptable and Not Acceptable Materials

For more information about recycling in Clark County call the State of Nevada Recycling Hotline at (800) 597-5865.